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Facilities List



3- Semi-Automatic, vacuum investing machines,

    1500 pounds per hour capacity.
1- Steam wax eliminator.
  - Furnace Capacity of over 200 cubic feet
4- 700 lb. Electric Melters
1- 300 lb. gas melter
6- Pressure/Vessels Vac
1- 30 lb. gas melter.


Wax Department


Wax blending and holding tanks capable of supporting ten wax injecting machines. Ability to manufacture wax patterns from less than one ounce to more than fifteen pounds.


Metallurgical Testing


1- Thermo Fisher ARL 3460 (Optical Emission).
1- EC (Baldwin) Tensile Testing Machine with
1- Wilson Hardness tester.

Finishing Department


10- Finishing Stations
4- Abrasive blast stations.
1- Vibratory tumbling unit



- - Various fixtures and surface plates
4 - Temperature monitored refrigeration units.
2 - 50 ton hydraulic presses
- - Various M & TE

Heat Treatment

1- Solution treating (T4) furnaces with drop bottom auto-quench unit.
2- Precipitation (T6) hardening furnaces.

Non-destructive Testing

A complete line of fiber-optics (Olympus, Machida, and American Optical Fiberscopes)

Flourescent dye penetrant line in accordance with ASTM-E-1417 Type 1, Method A, Sensitivity Level 2.

Radiographic inspection line in accordance with ASTM-E-1742 with;
     Philips Model 160 radiographic unit
     Scanray DOB radiographic unit

Darkroom with AGFA-Model M auto-processor.

x-Rite Densitometer.

Various Penetrameters.

Pressure Testing

Air 100 PSIG
Water 500 PSI
Lincoln Gas Tungsten Arc Welder certifiable in accordance with MIL-STD-2219 / MIL-W-8604A.

Inspection Equipment List


1- Mitutoyo Model B241 CMM with PH8 probe
1- Mitutoyo Model FN-905H Programmable
1- Coordinate Measuring Machine w/PH9 probe
1- Fowler "Holematic" Mark II Bore Measuring
1- Machine, w/direct rs232c output, .00005/001 mm resolution
1- Mitutoyo 24" HDS Digimatic Height Gage
1- Panamatic Model 22 Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
4- Rotary Tables
3- Surface Plates 36x36
1- Set master Gage Blocks.
1- Set working Gage Blocks.
1- Set of dial bore gages up to 12"
1- Set of PinGages.011to.750
1- Set of Micrometers 0" to 12"
- Vernier Caliper to 36"
- Height Gages to 24"
- Various Depth Gages
- Various Thread Gages as required
1- Set Bore Gages .070 to 2.800
1- Jarrell Ash Spectrograph w/Microprocessor
1- SATEC (Baldwin) Tensile Test Machine
1- Wilson Hardness Testing Machine

All M & TE are maintained in accordance with both
Mil-std 45662a and IS010012-1, utilizing standards
traceable to the National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST).


Processes Done On Site

Casting Aluminum Alloys
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
Heat Treatment Aluminum Alloys
Radiographic Inspection
Certified Welding Repair Of Castings
NDT Personnel Qualification
Production Machining to Customers Prints

Factory Equipment List

1- Fadel VMC 4020 CNC Vertical Milling
center, w/CNC 88HS controller
1- Fadel VMC 15 CNC Vertical Milting
1- Vectrax 10" x 54" Vertical Milling Ctr
1- Vertrax 9" x 49" Vertical Milling Ctr
1- DoAII CNC 880 Vertical Milling Ctr
7- Bridgeport, Series I, Vertical Millers
30- Clausing, Multiple Drill Presses
1- Bridgeport Hydraulic Tracing Machine w/3d tracing capability
1- DoAII Band Saw
1- American Engine Lathe 14" swing
1- 30" between centers.
1- Sheldon Engine Lathe 15" swing
30" between centers
2- Burgmaster Turret Drilling & Tapping
machines, bench models
1- Burgmaster Turret Drilling & Tapping
machine model 1-D
1- Rockwell 12" Bench Lathe
1- Rockwell Sander/Grinder
1- Rockwell Belt/Disc Grinder
1- Radial Arm Drill w/32" travel







Engineering & Design Facility
for Complete CAD/CAM

5- Pentium based computer work stations, loaded with all necessary software.
IGES 3D, DFX 2D, Compatible STL.